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T RobotsAssembler.png

This building is for crafting the bots required for mining, farming, and transporting food from the kitchen for the astronauts.

Currently, the Robots Assembler has to be built near the Mine, Farm, Ranch and Kitchen for the bots to find their path to the correct building.

Build Cost:

List of Bots that are produced by the Robots Assembler Building
Bot Name Recipe Time
Mining DroneT AirCraft.png Electronic Parts x2 T ElectronicParts.PNG

Copper Bar x3T CopperBar.png

15 Seconds
Transport BotT TransportBot.png Electronic Parts x3T ElectronicParts.PNG 2 Seconds
Farmer BotT FarmerDrone.png Aluminum Rod x2T AluminiumRods.png

Gears x4 T Gears.png

2 Seconds
Breeder BotT CowboyDrone.png Iron Bar x4
T IronBar.png

Steel Bar x4T AluminiumBar.png

2 Seconds