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T GoldOre

Gold Ore is an uncommon raw resource found in small amounts in asteroids, with large amounts on islands and planetoids. It requires processing by smelting into a T GoldBar Gold Bar in order to be useful. It is one of the basic minerals in the game, being required in some form for a large percentage of crafting recipes. It is the first ore the player encounters which cannot be smelted by hand, requiring at least a T Smelter Smelter.


In the early game, Gold Ore is mined predominantly from golden-colored asteroids floating about the ship. Gold-bearing asteroids are never pure, they are always mixed with a second ore. Note that unlike T CoalOre Carbon Ore, T IronOre Iron Ore, T CopperOre Copper Ore, and T IceCube Ice Cubes, the golden asteroids cannot be targeted automatically by the T AsteroidCatcherAutomatedNew Auto Asteroid Catcher, only caught by chance or targeted manually.

Once the player has unlocked access to planetoids (via the T DockingStation Docking Station or simply carrying loot home), it is can also be found in deposits of varying quantities.


Used for[]

Ingredients Product Time Location
T GoldOre Gold Ore x2 T GoldBar Gold Bar x1 8 seconds T Smelter Smelter
Advanced Smelter Advanced Smelter