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T Farm

Farming is a process required to supply your astronauts with food.
Building Name Cost to build Water Consumption Power Consumption Selection Bot Produces
Farm T Farm 3 x Steel Bars 3 x Carbon Fibre 2 x Glass T Water 20 T power 10 Grain , Wood, Tomato , Sunflower Farmer
T FarmerDrone
GrainBag, Sunflower Seeds, Tomatoes, Wood Logs
Barn T Barn 4 x Glass 8 x steel Plate 12 x Carbon Fibre T Water 20 T power 10 Pig, Sheep ,cow, Chicken Rancher
T CowboyDrone
Milk, Eggs, Meat
Pasture Land T PastureLand 3 x Steel Plate 4 x Grain bag
Farm Field T FarmField 2 x Quartz