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T Sawmill

Circular Saw

The Circular Saw is a device for cutting up wood and stone.

Build Cost & Upkeep:

Recipe Power Consumption
T Glass Glass x3
T TitaniumRods Titanium Rod x12
T power Power x20


Recipe Ingredients Output Time
Stone Plate T StoneBlock Stone Block x1 T ConstructionPlate Stone Plate x4 8 seconds
Quartz T Dirt Dirt x20 Quar Quartz x1 8 seconds
Wood Planks T WoodLog Wood Log x1 T WoodPlanks Wood Planks x1 12 seconds


The Circular Saw's high power draw of 20, low cost of construction, and small size make it ideal as a "dummy load" when testing power systems.

The Circular Saw's Quartz recipe is impossible to run at full efficiency except by manually loading a large quantity of Dirt, since the input rate is almost half again the speed of the fastest available belt.