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T CoalOre

Carbon Ore is a common raw resource found primarily in asteroids, on islands, and on planetoids. It is the primary fuel source for early-game power once a T CarbonReactor Carbon Reactor is built. It is also an ingredient in several crafting recipes.


Carbon Ore is mined predominantly from asteroids and small islands in the early stages of the game. It is found in large quantities on planetoids.


Used for[]

Ingredients Product Time Location
T IronPlate Iron Plate x1
T CoalOre Carbon Ore x1
T AluminiumRods Iron Rod x1 5 seconds T Smelter Smelter
Advanced Smelter Advanced Smelter
T CoalOre Carbon Ore x8 T CarbonFiber Carbon Fiber x1 14 seconds Constructor Constructor
Advanced Constructor Advanced Constructor
T Water Water x6
T CoalOre Carbon Ore x1
T HydrogenTank Hydrogen Tank x1 8 seconds T HydrogenGenerator Hydro Generator